3e Works Consortium

Scalable:  The 3e Works Consortium can connect the experience needed for larger projects, while being accessible for more modest ones. This approach allows the management of cross-disciplinary projects that include whole buildings, interiors, energy modeling, landscape, stakeholder involvement, urban design, quantification of resource savings and navigation of LEED, Green Globes and other accreditation systems.

Quality and Delivery: We deliver our work with top quality and stick to time frames.

Real Sustainability and “Thrivability”: We offer true, integrated, and measurable sustainability, instead of hype and green-washing, to help you keep pace in a world that is continually recognizing the need for more mindful use of natural resources. We offer an integrated approach to health, safety, and welfare, for both the building users and the planet. We also go beyond typical sustainability to look at how places can make us and the environment thrive, increasing the health and enjoyment of life for the end users, helping to create places to offer a needed update on “the good life”.

Making the process enjoyable and accessible: We strive to make the process enjoyable for our clients. Our team is friendly and good at communicating with all sorts of people. We can lead fun design charrettes, and give you the level of details you want, while leave out the details that you’d rather leave to us. We can give you concise overviews of our work that your staff, partners and clients can easily understand. This doesn't have to be heavy, overly complex, or boring, we can have a good time while saving you resources, money, and showing how you are helping the planet.