CAD Services                                                                     

CAD Software.  We are currently working in the following formats Autocad, Autocad MEP and Revit (Coming Soon).

The Challenge. A struggle for a lot of firms is balancing outsourcing work vs hiring in-house staff.  Sometimes there is too much work for existing staff but not enough to justify hiring someone full-time.

We can help.

Plan.  CAD projects can be extremely simple or vastly complex so understanding up front the specifics helps us assign the right resources so we can meet or exceed client expectations and accurately produce a proposal that fits the clients needs.   

Submit.  Our clients submit us their work in a variety of formats from pictures of field sketches to scanned PDFs.  Other work may include a collection of support files or other documents required to complete the work.  Whether a client just wants to email small project files or collaborate via the cloud we are flexible to do what works best for the client.

Production. We work with our clients in either adopting their CAD standards or quickly develop a set of standards that work for them.  We do a 'first pass' creating the work based on information provided and then submit it for client review.

Communicate. We keep an open channel of communication at all times to make all revisions and/or additions that come back from our clients until the work is complete.  We encourage people to use whatever form of communication works best for them but below are some tools that many find useful for efficient turn around of projects.

Tools for Viewing and Editing: If you want a free and easy way to open and edit drawings check out the Autodesk Viewers.

Tools for Communicating: Jing is free and easy to use video screen capture software by TechSmith.